The Gallery
Heres a collection of doodles, artwork and people wearing the Kat Hat. We even got Fred "Piro" Gallagher of Megatokyo to wear it at Ayacon 2003! Click the thumbnails below or hover the mouse over them to get a description. If any of them is a picture of you email me at and i'll give you credit! I'm sorry but I've managed to forget a few names.
Fanart and guest comics!

Fanart by Rudi Gunther, author of Deathworld. (see links page) A fantastic animated guestcomic created by Chris, who is Ben. A Guestcomic from one of our most loyal fans, Deathdoor Dave tried to draw. And Kat tried to script. You can see the result here. A guestcomic from the author of Ming in the early days. A rather insane guestcomic by Claire A stunning guestcomic from a good friend of mine. Kat's brother Stephen wanted to draw...and we're glad he did! A fantastic and unexpected gueststrip from WAR or digitalwar.

Random TSW related pics and doodles...

Kat and Dave The Kat Hat EXISTS! Chris (probably our first fan) wearing the Kat Hat. CHIBI! I was doodling one day.... Color pencils! Not exactly my favourite medium but a valinant attempt. The TSW business card! Kat. With wings. I was doodling in my homework diary.. My first photoshop experiment. Another doodle. Squiffy arms... An attempt at a sexy Kat, due to popular demand. Yes I know the head's a little too big. A slightly more sucessful attempt at a sexy Dave. At least he's in something resembling the correct proprtions. Ok, I draw too many guys.... BOOTS! Ben concept art My AS level first unit final piece. Drawn on a dare once. No really... Designed for a mate online. He was never used... Dave's Phantasy Star Online Char. Shounen ai. It had to happen. A silly Gif we made once... My page of the Jam Comic at Comix Thing 2004

And some victims of Kat Hatting at Ayacon 2003...

I don't know this guy but he looks a little like the dude from 'Dude Where's My Car' and is apparently (according to his tag) called Jimbo. Thanks man! An insane cosplayer who decided that she liked sitting on me and that my shoulder was tasty. Fellow member of the 'you've been glomped' club Fantastic costume although vaguely pissed off. Also a victim of severe glomping I *think* this guy was called James. Possibly. Correct me if i'm wrong. Great bloke anyway! W00t! Keds! Go Keds! (waves flag) also a funky lady with broken keyring which I managed to fix...again I apologise for my crap memory for names. FANTASTIC NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion) costume! Again I have no idea who this is. ^_^;; A rabid megatokyo fan! Was also glomped by me when I asked very nicely if he could try to get a piro sketch for me. You rock! Fred 'Piro' Gallagher! In my cat hat! Waiii! (I'm such a fangirl)

The pictures below are available to buy, framed or unframed (hence watermarking). Email us at for details. Kat can also do commissions, prices negotiable!

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Sketch 4 Sketch 5 Sketch 6 Sketch 7

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