The Kat Kisake Doll! $1.50 or equivalent, plus p&p if applicable.

We at TSW now have a product! This doll comes with a basic set of Kat clothing, more sets will be avaliable as time goes on.

You have two options. We can send you the doll, printed on thick cardboard and the basic kat clothing as pictured, printed on paper, both ready to be cut out using scissors or a craft knife. This package also includes instrauctions. An extra postage fee will be charged for this option.


We can send you the image files for both of these components plus instructions in .JPG format over the internet. There is no extra charge for this option. However you will have to print the doll yourself either onto card or paste it onto card after printing before the doll is useable.

To order simply copy the form below into an email, complete it and send it to us) We will email back to verify your order and will send you your doll as soon as we recieve your payment through paypal. (See button at bottom of page or on main TSW homepage). We do not use email adresses for anything other than contacting you about your order.



Number of dolls required ($1.50 per doll):

Doll .jpg files to be sent via email? y/n:

Printed Doll to be sent through post? y/n:

-----All further questions are applicable only to awnser to above question is yes. A postal charge will apply which we will email to you once your order is recieved. $1 to the USA is a rough estimate.-----


Street Address:

Zip/postal code:

Please post any questions regarding this service on the TSW Forum.

The Kat doll with clothingThe Kat doll without clothing
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