About Two Sides Wide
Two Sides Wide came into being when we were brainstorming comic ideas. We sat for at least 3 hours throwing all manner of stupid ideas left right and center...and then we thought "Why not have a situation where we can experiment with all of them?"
Kat and Dave are two aspiring comic creators with a lot of determination (mainly because they're skint) and make up in stupid ideas what they lack in talent.

This comic was designed as a sister site to MING, our long running twice weekly comic strip. (currently on hold as we're concentrating on this comic at present) We felt that the A4 hand drawn format was all well and good but too labour intensive. So we cut it to a weekly comic and started this shorter, snappier and more concise strip! As if we don't do enough already... ;)

The Kat Hat EXISTS!The history of The Kat Hat!

I feel that this particular aspect of Two Sides Wide requires further expanation. The anime fans among you may have heard of Azumanga Daioh, an undercelebrated and very funny anime. I nicked the fansub off a good mate and instantly fell in love with the anime and it's simple white and red/orange design (Influencing site you think?) But anyway, among the many mad scenes in the series is one involving these particular head adornments or "daddy hats" (as they resemble a cat in a dream who plays the role of someone's father.)

So simply speaking we stole them! The design was too cute and bizarre to go unappreciated. I wore mine all around Lincoln Uni for a week. It was fun getting attention! If anyone wants me to make them one they should email me...Price dependant on if i get any orders....

Here's a link to an excellent fansite....W O N D E R L A N D

And a pic to prove we're not lying....

Dont ask me. Go find the anime!
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